A) To play the role of village and village people by grouping and organizing the rural population.

B) Awareness of the harmful aspects of climate change among the students in the local educational institutions.

C) To prepare the people of the village for disaster preparedness, to create awareness on all important issues including disaster management.

D) To discourage employment through the adoption of joint ventures.

E) To maintain and maintain social forestry.

F) To make organic fertilizer and use it.

G) To assist in disaster relief and rehabilitation.

H) To make arrangements for receiving/imparting education through entertainment.

I) Burning of trees in brick kilns, discouragement of vehicles by the irrigation system.

J) To discourage the production of Organic Food.

K) To discourage the use of additional pesticides and chemical fertilizers in crops.

L) Encourage the use of cocoon urea fertilizer.

M) Encouragement to use jute products instead of polythene.

N) Discourage water filling.

O) To give advice to the rural people in planting palm trees to prevent lightning.