Forests protect mankind from contagious diseases like forest shields. When that slope is no longer in the forest canopy, it has serious consequences for public health around the world. 

We have been repeatedly warned about this over the last few years. The more human beings enter the forest in violation of the limits, the more the diseases caused by wild animals will infect the world of mankind. When we study how forests and societies get sick when the balance of the environment is disturbed, we see that the more forests are used to improve the quality of life, the more global adversities spread. That's why we weren't surprised after a new coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Pangolins are living close to humans because of deforestation. There, the coronavirus has entered the human body through the pangolin from Badur and has paralyzed the whole world. When a virus spreads from its natural habitat and enters the human body, a very chaotic situation arises. The new coronavirus is pointing the finger at us. In fact, there are countless horrible viruses circulating in the atmosphere. There are various types of viruses entering the world through the weight layer due to the increase in different types of carbon. If this trend continues, more deadly viruses will soon enter the world and end human civilization. So we have taken a stand against forest encroachment to make the world suitable for human habitation. We are continuing to work to build a better world by increasing forests and reducing carbon emissions.